Organic Trace Minerals

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  1. Organic Minerals for Layers

    Organic Minerals for Layers is a complete trace mineral blend, specially processed for maintaining and enhancing egg shell quality and improving the overall performance of the layer birds. This product contains zinc, manganese, copper and selenium. It offers superior bio- availability of trace minerals. These are best known for their excellent stability in the presence of chelating agents and bio- inhibitors in feed. In addition, it also helps correct brittle, thin- shelled eggs condition in laying cycle.
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  2. Organic Vitamin B Trace Minerals

    This Vetmin B (Organic Trace Minerals) is specially formulated and processed in order to achieve better weight gain, FCR and improving the overall performance of the broilers. Offers highest bio- availability, this product is best known for its stability in various pH levels of the gut. It improves flock uniformity, helps reduce all kinds of stress in the birds and minimizes early chick mortality in day old chicks. We offer these minerals to clients in excellent packing at feasible price.
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  3. Organic Minerals for Broiler Breeders

    Organic Minerals for Broiler Breeders are the rich source of Manganese, Zinc, Copper and Selenium which share in common some of the functions like fertility, egg shell quality, enhancing immune response, maintaining bone, skin and gut integrity and antioxidant effect. The product is specially formulated to achieve better overall performance of broiler breeders. Stable in presence of other chelating agents and bio inhibitors in feed, it helps reduce all kinds of stress in birds.
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